Big W Interview Questions with Best Answers in 2023

Let’s examine 10 of the most common retail job interview questions. By understanding the questions and practicing your responses, your chances of success will increase significantly.

Big W Interview Questions

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What Constitutes excellent customer service?

What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to know if your definition of customer service aligns with that of the company. Customers must have a memorable, positive experience in order for brick-and-mortar stores to be successful.


To me, accommodating customers is the essence of good customer service. This requires a friendly greeting and the ability to answer their questions. I always greet customers with a smile and try to familiarize myself with the store’s inventory. This ensures that if a customer has a question regarding sizing or fit, I am prepared to respond.

Work You Well with Others?

What They Want to Know: Retail work is frequently performed in teams. Interviewers wish to determine whether you will be able to get along with your coworkers. Some interviewers may also be looking for indications that a candidate will be too social at work, so respond thoughtfully. Extend your answer to this question beyond “yes” by providing examples or discussing how your coworkers would describe you.


I believe I am an effective team player. In retail, where everyone on the floor must appear to be a part of the same team, this is a very important skill.  I constantly consider others and put myself in their shoes, which enables me to see things from their point of view.

What Hours Are You Available?

The interviewers want to know which shifts you will be available to work. Be truthful in your response, but keep in mind that interviewers will likely seek candidates with flexible schedules. If your availability is flexible, indicate as much in your response. The greater your adaptability, the greater your chances of being hired.


As a college student, I am unavailable during class hours. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, as well as Friday morning, fall into this category for me. Aside from that, I’m available to work any shift you have available; I’m eager for work, so nights and weekends are fine.

Why Are You Seeking Employment Here?

What They Want to Know: Your response to this question will reveal whether you are enthusiastic (or even passionate) about the company and its products, or if you are just looking for any job. Interviewers are aware that you need a job. You must provide additional motivations for applying to their company in particular. The best responses are specific and company-centric (not you).


I have always been an avid reader. This is primarily a solo activity, but I enjoy making recommendations to friends and family. I’d love to work at ABC Bookstore in order to assist customers in finding books, whether it’s a specific title they can’t locate or the perfect book for a special occasion.

What Would You Do If Your Substitute Did Not Appear?

What They Want to Know: Leaving your current location is not the correct response. The purpose of the interview is to determine if you understand that maintaining coverage is more important than your personal plans. This question is also an opportunity to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and dedication during absences of your replacement.


My first step would be to contact my replacement to gain a better understanding of the situation. I would like to know if the person is a no-show or simply stuck in traffic. Then, I would inform my supervisor of the situation so that we could determine a course of action jointly.

How long do you intend to work here if hired?

What They Want to Know: The hiring process and employee training are time-consuming and costly for employers. The interviewer wants to know if you intend to stay with the company long-term or if you will only be there for a few months. If you are planning a very brief stay, there is no need to mention this.


If hired, I would like to work with ABC Company for an extended period of time. I will be in school for the next four years and am eager to play a consistent role and contribute to this team.

The Credit Card Terminal Is Defective. What Should You Tell Customers?

What They Want to Know: When working in retail, you may encounter technological and other problems. In your response, interviewers are looking for evidence of your problem-solving and communication skills.


The sooner individuals are notified that the machines are down, the better. Therefore, I would first inform my manager of the situation. Then, I would suggest putting up a sign informing customers that the machine is broken, so that they can run to the ATM before reaching the cash register. As customers pay, I will apologize for the inconvenience and express my appreciation for their patience.

What is your strongest quality?

What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to know if your strengths align with the requirements of the organization. In your response, emphasize skills that will benefit the company and help you succeed in the position.


My greatest strength is my communication skills. Strong communication skills allow me to collaborate effectively with other team members and to interact with customers with ease. I consider myself to be a genuine people-person, and I genuinely enjoy interacting with customers and assisting them in locating items.

Why Do Customers Shop at This Retail Location?

What They Want to Know: Interviewers want to evaluate your knowledge of the company’s brand and the shopping experience it aims to deliver.

This is your chance to demonstrate the company research you’ve conducted; therefore, if you’ve visited the store and noticed something significant, include it in your response.


The focus is on the experience. For instance, there is always a candle burning at my local store. Other branches I have visited have blooming flowers. I’ve also observed that the employees greet me with a smile and make personalized recommendations. Nobody ever appears to be aggressively selling to me. From beginning to end, I believe customers enjoy their visit to ABC Company; it’s like a treat.

How Would You Respond to an Irate Customer Requesting a Manager?

What They Desire to Know: not everything goes as planned every time. The interviewers wish to determine how you would handle a stressful situation.


When speaking with customers, I always strive to be empathetic and to comprehend and resolve the problem. Occasionally, however, a problem cannot be resolved or a customer is simply in a foul mood. If a customer requested to speak with my supervisor, I would agree and apologize for my inability to resolve the issue.

Then, I would quickly grab my supervisor and explain the situation so he or she would be prepared to assist the customer. If there is anything I can do to avoid a similar situation in the future, I would likely ask my supervisor for feedback afterward.

Questions to Ask During an Interview

During a job interview for a position in retail, you might be asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” Remember that the interview is a two-way street, and that asking questions is a chance to ensure that the job is a good fit for you.

Prepare a list of questions that will clarify the job’s requirements, your schedule, the position’s flexibility, and anything else that would assist you in deciding whether to accept the position if offered. Ask only questions that have not been previously addressed during the interview.

  • How many hours per week would I be expected to work?
  • Do you generally assign the same hours to employees each week, or do they vary significantly?
  • During a shift, how many sales associates are on the floor?
  • Will I be primarily working in a team or independently?
  • Can you describe a typical day for someone in this position?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of working here?
  • When can I anticipate hearing from you?

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