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Hungry Jack’s Application Process & Jobs

Before Hungry Jack’s job application information, you may want to know the important information you need to learn about the company. You may climb the stairs one by one toward your professional ambitions by submitting your application to Hungry Jack’s, which offers the possibility to work in many roles and departments.

Hungry Jack’s Pty Ltd. is a Burger King Corporation fast food franchise in Australia. Competitive Foods Australia, a privately held corporation controlled by Jack Cowin, owns 100% of the firm. All Burger King/Hungry Jack’s restaurants in Australia are owned, operated, or sub-licensed by Hungry Jack’s.

The corporation is responsible for licencing new operators, building its own shops, and conducting standards management of franchised sites in Australia as the master franchise. Hungry Jack’s is the world’s second-largest Burger King brand, with over 400 stores throughout Australia (second to Carrols Corporation).

Hungry Jack’s Positions and Salary Information

Hungry Jack’s is accepting applications for available roles in each department.

For entry level positions, Hungry Jack’s does not require high-level qualifications, but rather a desire to work and a dynamic/ energetic personality: after completing the application, if the candidate is suitable for the position, the candidate will be required to attend an interview to verify the application information and eligibility for the position in person, and the recruitment will be completed.

Candidates may apply online or personally for the job that best fits their background from the list below.

Crew Member

Crew Member earns an average hourly wage of $15.90.

This position entails servicing visitors, either face to face or by cooking Hungry Jack’s famous “better burgers”!

They will teach you all you need to know; all you have to do is be willing to learn and enjoy yourself. If this sounds like you, apply today and let’s get this party started!

Cleaning & Equipment Maintenance

The following are the basic responsibilities:

  • Each day, detail clean the restaurant and help in the preparation for serve.
  • Maintaining a professional image – Maintain customer-facing facilities such as the parking lot, gardens, restrooms, and dining spaces, among others.
  • Stock distribution and storage Turning (Includes lifting)
  • Perform preventive maintenance on all equipment on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Work closely with management to ensure that our clients get the highest levels of quality, cleanliness, and service, as well as the general safety and well-being of our workers and visitors.
  • Work as a general handyperson

Applicants who are chosen should

  • Excellent personal hygiene and appearance.
  • Possess good work ethics and takes accountability for all tasks given.
  • Ability to work alone and adhere to a timetable in order to finish assignments on time
  • In their work, they have a remarkable eye for detail.

Position responsibilities include:

  • Monday through Friday, 38 hours per week, full-time role
  • Starting at 5 a.m. (times can vary from restaurant to restaurant)
  • All benefits – Super, Vacation (with Loading), Sick, and Long Service Leave
  • All training is included.

Restaurant Manager

The average salary for a Hungry Jack’s Restaurant Manager is $60,500 per year. Hungry Jack’s restaurant manager salaries vary from $50,700 to $65,200 per year.

Successful candidates must have prior expertise delivering and sustaining excellent customer service standards, as well as the ability to motivate and manage a team to success. Every new manager will go through a 12-week management training programme to complement their previous retail/hospitality experience.

By creating and monitoring promotional efforts, as well as employee development and management, retail merchandising, stock management, and control, you will contribute to the company’s growth and profitability.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager earns an average of $34 per hour.

You will play a vital role in the restaurant as a leader in the service and production sectors as an Assistant Manager reporting to the Restaurant Manager.

You will manage a team that puts the customer first, where teamwork is critical to meeting our customers’ expectations, and where people are empowered and encouraged to perform their best job. You will participate and provide a safe working environment for everyone.


Hungry Jack’s provide a competitive salary, good working conditions, and outstanding training, as well as bonuses, rewards for working public holidays, and discounts at all Hungry Jack’s restaurants.

  • Management and succession training is extensive.
  • Base salary + penalty rates are competitive.
  • Employee discounts
  • Internal advancement opportunities in our expanding restaurant network
  • Remember to take advantage of our fantastic bonus programme.


In Australia, the average annual compensation for a Hungry Jack’s Manager is about $49,800.

Successful applicants will need to be Guest focused, have a love for people, excellent cuisine, know what good service looks like, and have a desire for success with on-the-job training and growth.

You will be coached, trained, and upskilled for success as a member of the Hungry Jack’s Restaurant Leadership Team, and you will be paid with a competitive remuneration package. You will have access to extensive internal training and leadership programmes to help you develop your talents.

You’ll be able to plan and execute promotional activities, as well as be in charge of personnel development and leadership, retail merchandising, stock management, and stock control.

You will play a vital role in the restaurant as a leader in the service and production sectors as an Assistant Manager reporting to the Restaurant Manager.

You will manage a team that puts the customer first, where teamwork is critical to meeting our customers’ expectations, and where people are empowered and encouraged to perform their best job. You will participate and provide a safe working environment for everyone.

Experience and abilities

  • Experience in retail or hospitality management is prefered.
  • Dedicated to surpassing guests’ expectations
  • High energy and a strong feeling of urgency
  • Integrity and superior communication abilities
  • Excellent time management and organisational abilities
  • Strong written and verbal communication abilities
  • Proven ability to swiftly adjust and learn

How to Apply For Hungry Jack’s Jobs

Step 1. Access the company’s career page via the link:

Hungry Jack's Career Page
Hungry Jack’s Career Page

Step 2. View current job postings by clicking the “SEE JOBS” button in the middle of the page.

Hungry Jack's current job postings
Hungry Jack’s current job postings

Step 3. When you reach the list of job postings, you can choose a suitable position for you or you can make a quick list by filtering by typing position, department and location.

Step 4. When you find the position you want to apply for, you will move to the application step by clicking the “APPLY NOW” button.

Step 5. If you have a membership, you can log in here, or you can complete your application by filling out your personal information by creating a membership via the “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT” button.

Step 6. After entering your address, contact and other personal information, upload your CV.

Step 7. Then, complete your application after adding the information requested from you completely.

Hungry Jack’s Job Application Form / PDF

You may apply for a job at Hungry Jack’s in one of two ways. The first is that you may apply for the current available jobs stated above by filling out the application form (a link to which is given below). You must thoroughly fill out your school background and employment history/experiences on your applications so that you do not run into any problems when you are called for an interview.

The second option to apply is to go to your local Hungry Jack’s and hand in your application to either the human resources manager or the general manager. Having your CV on hand when handing your application to the manager can give you an edge in getting your application considered quickly. If you don’t have time to create an application form, you may use one of the many template forms that most employers accept.

A downloadable Hungry Jack’s job application form is not available, but you can submit your resume or print it out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Working at Hungry Jack’s

How much does Hungry Jack’s pay?

At Hungry Jack’s, the average hourly wage is $15.65. This low percentage is attributed to the fact that the restaurant employs a large number of young people in entry-level positions. For the most part, Hungry Jack’s pays the award rate.

How old do you have to be to work at Hungry Jack’s in Australia?

In general, regardless of the business, a person must be at least 13 years old to be engaged for any form of light job.

Many positions at Hungry Jacks need applicants to be around the age of 18.

Hungry Jack’s Interview Tips

Make a preparation

Spend some time learning about the organisation and the position you’re applying for. Prepare a list of questions to ask to ensure that the position is a good fit for you. Make a list of all the qualities you believe will make you a valuable member of the Hungry Jack’s team.

First impression

Appearance is crucial. So don’t overdo it on the make-up, the jewellery, or the perfume, and look as if you genuinely want the job. Maintain eye contact, answer questions clearly and confidently, and leave with the impression that you’re excited to work with Hungry Jack’s.

Be on time

If your burger arrived 10 minutes late, you’d be annoyed. So make sure you are on time for your interview. To prepare for the interview and calm your anxieties, attempt to arrive 10 minutes early than the allocated time. Remember that first impression are everything.

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