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Target Australia Application Process & Jobs

Before Target Australia job application information, you may want to know the important information you need to learn about the company. You may climb the stairs one by one toward your professional ambitions by submitting your application to Target Australia, which offers the possibility to work in many roles and departments.

Target Australia (previously Lindsay’s and generally known as Target) is owned by the Kmart Group, a subsidiary of the Australian retail corporation Wesfarmers. Target sells in-store and online apparel, cosmetics, household goods, electronics, books, and toys. The 2018 opening of the company’s headquarters in Williams Landing, Melbourne.  Despite having the same logo, name, and type of stores as the American Target Corporation, there is no direct relationship or association between Target Australia and Target Corporation.

Target Australia Positions and Salary Information

Target Australia is accepting applications for available roles in each department.

For entry level positions, Target Australia does not require high-level qualifications, but rather a desire to work and a dynamic/ energetic personality: after completing the application, if the candidate is suitable for the position, the candidate will be required to attend an interview to verify the application information and eligibility for the position in person, and the recruitment will be completed.

Candidates may apply online or personally for the job that best fits their background from the list below.

Customer Service Assistant:

A Customer Service Assistant serves as the initial point of contact between a company and its clients. They are responsible for aiding consumers with conducting business with the company, such as making a purchase, placing an order, obtaining advice, filing a complaint, or obtaining information.

  • On the sales floor,
  • at the front registers,
  • assisted checkouts,
  • or customer service desk,
  • in the fitting rooms,
  • and in the store’s inventory reserves.

Department Manager:

A day in the life of one of our Department Managers will include some of the following activities:

  • Providing our customers with exceptional visual merchandising and a fantastic experience.
  • Taking an inventive strategy to generating sales for the designated divisions.
  • Creating a workplace where our employees can be coached and grown to their fullest potential while having fun.
  • Developing and managing a store with a high concentration on safety and compliance.
  • Lead the vision, strategy, and values of Target throughout the team and organization.

What are we trying to find?
We are seeking a competent Department Manager who will motivate their team to provide superior customer service in all aspects of store operations. You will have a background in retail management and be enthusiastic, business-minded, and focused on achieving excellent results for the company.

What will you acquire?

  • A competitive wage and reward program for the short term.
  • Options for vehicle leasing are available.
  • Target and other Wesfarmers’ brands provide discounts.
  • Unlimited professional advancement opportunities.
  • Access to the employee share program of Wesfarmers.
  • Paid parental leave for team members who qualify.

How to Apply For Target Australia Jobs

Step 1. Access the company’s via the link:

Step 2. View current job postings by clicking the “EXPLORE OUR CAREERS HERE” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. When you reach the list of job postings, you can choose a suitable position for you or you can make a quick list by filtering by typing position, department and location.

Step 4. When you find the position you want to apply for, you will move to the application step by clicking the “Apply” button.

Step 5. If you have a membership, you can log in here, or you can complete your application by filling out your personal information by creating a membership via the “Register” link.

Target Australia Job Application Form / PDF

You may apply for a job at Target Australia in one of two ways. The first is that you may apply for the current available jobs stated above by filling out the application form (a link to which is given below). You must thoroughly fill out your school background and employment history/experiences on your applications so that you do not run into any problems when you are called for an interview.

The second option to apply is to go to your local Target Australia and hand in your application to either the human resources manager or the general manager. Having your CV on hand when handing your application to the manager can give you an edge in getting your application considered quickly. If you don’t have time to create an application form, you may use one of the many template forms that most employers accept.

A downloadable Target Australia job application form is not available, but you can submit your resume or print it out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Working at Target Australia

How much does Target Australia pay?

The typical Target Australia compensation ranges between $68,500 and $100,000 per year for department managers and store managers, respectively. The average hourly wage at Target Australia ranges from roughly $18 for Customer Service to $25 for Duty Manager.

How old do you have to be to work at Target in Australia?

Target’s minimum age restrictions for employment are identical to those of other similar Australian retail companies. It is safe to state that the average age for a teen under the age of 18 to get employment at Target is 14. However, there are occasions in which the store may hire a 13-year-old.

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