Target Interview Questions with Best Answers in 2023

Authored by Editorial Staff in Career. Intentional Interview Questions and Answers Target is one of the market’s largest discount retailers. It has many retail stores, which have provided employment for a number of people. This article will examine some of the interview questions you should anticipate if you are applying for a job at Target.

Target Interview Questions

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What is your knowledge of Target?

A prospective employer must determine your knowledge of the organization. This not only demonstrates your interest in the position, but also that you’ve done your homework. You can discuss many aspects of Target, including its founders, founding year, values, customers, and slogan.

Example Response

George Dayton founded Target in 1962, with the first store opening in Roseville. Your headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the retail formats you offer are Target Department Stores, Target Supermarket, Target Express, and Target City Target (Remember that there is much to discuss regarding Target. Try to be as specific as you can)

Why Would You Like to Work for Target?

This is a common interview question for Target. Here, you should explain to the interviewer why you want to work at Target. Make sure that you praise your future employer. You can discuss how much you enjoy their products, the experience you stand to gain, and the company’s culture or environment. Avoid material motives whenever possible.

Example Response

I have been a customer of yours for a considerable amount of time and cannot fail to praise your products and customer service. I would be honored to represent you and assist others in feeling the same. I am also a college student majoring in business. Given that you are a Fortune 500 company, this would be a fantastic place to learn about retail.

What Hours are You Available?

The interviewer wants to know your availability for work. This is crucial because it aids in staffing and ensuring the appropriate number of employees at all times. Be honest. Do not use deception to convince the interviewer that you are adaptable and then fail to deliver.

Example Response

I am available during the week with the exception of Tuesdays and Fridays due to class obligations. Therefore, I can only work at night. I’m fairly adaptable and wouldn’t mind working any shift except on those two days. (You may also state that you are unavailable on the weekend if you provide valid reasons)

Why did you choose this position out of the other available positions?

This question should not come as a surprise, given that Target offers numerous employment opportunities. Convince the interviewer that you possess the necessary abilities, experience, personality, and skills for the position for which you are applying. You can also mention that you have performed similar tasks in the past, making you the ideal candidate for the position.

Example Response

I applied for this position because I enjoy doing the work. I have held similar positions that have equipped me with the necessary experience to succeed in your store. (You can also say that you view the particular position as a stepping stone on your path to management. Overall, ensure that your response is engaging to the interviewer.

What Would You Change About Target If You Had the Chance?

Typically, you will ask this question in a leadership position. However, you must still be prepared lest you encounter it during your interview. We advise you not to bring up anything important or sensitive that could make the interview awkward. Mention something that demonstrates your keen observation skills and convinces the interviewer that you will be an asset to the team. Stay optimistic.

Example Response

I am a frequent shopper and can attest to the fact that you are an excellent company with a distinctive philosophy. I adore what your leadership has accomplished and how far you’ve come. However,

If I am permitted to be a part of you and am able to comprehend how you operate, I could collaborate with others to improve a few processes and make the store more efficient.

Mention Your Weaknesses and Strengths.

The majority of people dislike this question, despite the fact that it is asked in virtually every job interview. Contrary to the beliefs of a number of interviewees, it is relatively straightforward. Choose a strength that will sell you and a weakness that has nothing to do with the job at hand. You should also describe how you are addressing your weakness to the interviewer.

Example Response

The fact that I am a good listener and can empathize with and comprehend those around me will be advantageous in this position. As for my weaknesses, I have a tendency to be overly friendly with customers and I can sometimes overthink. However, I have a mentor who is assisting me with this situation.

Have You Ever Gone Above and Beyond to Help Someone?

The interviewer wants to know if you are willing to go above and beyond to assist coworkers and customers. This is a fairly common interview question that can be difficult to answer.

You should describe a situation in which you did everything possible to assist someone, whether or not it was work-related. Your willingness to go above and beyond to assist others will also contribute to a positive working environment and the development of a solid team.

Example Response

I once ran into a man who was supine on the street. People passed by him while ignoring him. I felt he needed assistance, so I approached him and asked if he was okay. He did not respond, so I inspected him for injuries.

I called an ambulance, which arrived within a few minutes because he did not have any. The man had epilepsy and would have continued to lie there for hours if I hadn’t intervened. He received treatment and was reunited with his family.

Share Your Experience with Us.

If this is your first time applying for a particular position, this question will not be asked. However, you should anticipate it if you have worked elsewhere previously. The key is to be concise, as the interviewer desires, and to avoid mentioning your entire resume. Discuss jobs similar to the one you are applying for or a few lessons that will assist you in your new position.

Example Response

As a teller at Stelar Communications, I learned a great deal about this position. I learned how to interact with others, promote products, and respond to feedback. This experience will greatly benefit me in this position, as I am adept at dealing with customers. (You can also mention some of your previous part-time jobs)

What Would You Do If You Discovered a Coworker Spreading False Rumors About Another Employee?

Despite the fact that no one expects you to solve other people’s problems at work, you must demonstrate that you are always optimistic about others. Therefore, demonstrate that you can concentrate on your work, mind your own business, and stifle any form of gossip so that you are always productive.

Example Response

I do not particularly enjoy talking about other people. I would therefore assert that their statements are false and continue with my responsibilities. I am aware that workplace gossip is inevitable, but I would rather not participate in it. I believe in performing my duties, cooperating with others, and returning home.

What Would You Do If a Client Accused You of Providing Poor Customer Service?

You must demonstrate that you can effectively handle negative customer feedback. Will you throw tantrums and disagree openly with the customer? Remember that the customer is always right; therefore, you should never engage in an argument. Demonstrate your willingness to assist and get to the point.

Example Response

I believe the likelihood of that happening is low, given that I consistently strive to do my job well and exceed all expectations. If this were to occur, I would apologize and ask the customer what went wrong before resolving the issue and ensuring their satisfaction.

How will you remain motivated in this position?

You should be aware that this is a routine job, which means that you may struggle with motivation, as you will not face new challenges each day. As an employee of Target, you should not mind performing the same task every day. Do not mention money as a source of motivation because doing so makes you appear materialistic, which is a trait that no employer desires.

Example Response

I take great pride in my work. Being a customer-focused individual, seeing satisfied customers will make me proud and inspire me to work even harder. Therefore, I have no objection to this position being routine. (You can also mention that your motivation will come from achieving your professional and personal goals)

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